Office Tower – modular (Building instructions)

USD 3.99

Parts: 1214 | Lots: 104*
Width/Format: 16 studs
Approx. Height: 41.3 cm / 16.25 in*
Scale: Minifig
Part usage check:
* Assuming the default setup with base, ground floor, two main/upper floors and roof


Following the standards commonly used for LEGO® modular buildings, the Office Tower is highly scalable and truly modular building in a 16-studs-wide format.

The building instructions as well as the parts lists included with the purchase assume no interior (the staircases are included). The building is not furnished but the ground floor is meant to serve as a reception, with open-space offices on the upper main floor(s). The structure can be used for anything, though, the building’s purpose is only limited by your imagination (and availability of your bricks).

A nice building intended for display only is one thing, but what about the playability? Well, that’s where the features of this structure come in:

  • Ground floor – featuring detachable walls for the full access to the interior
  • Main floor – can be multiplied according to your preferences, or doesn’t have to be built at all – that explains the scalability; lots of windows as well as transparent staircase allow the full visibility of the interior; the rear wall swings open for an easy access to the interior without the need of disassembling the building; side walls are using the large panels for the cost optimization but can be easily replaced with the 1×2, 1×4 and/or 1×6 tan bricks
  • Roof – the roof-top with the solar panels can be easily removed, too

By default, the building consists of the base, ground floor, two upper floors and roof. Such layout calls out for 1214 parts, including the 16×32 baseplate.

What you get with the purchase:

  • Detailed easy-to-follow building instructions in PDF format
  • ZIP file with detailed parts lists in PDF format for each module (base, ground floor, 1x main floor, roof) as well as the full parts list of the default configuration with two upper floors, as shown in the primary picture
  • ZIP file with TXT files in XML format for easy upload to your BrickLink wanted list. Same file logic as above – one XML part list per each floor as well as the complete parts list for the full building

In order to check what parts are needed (or which ones you already have) please visit

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