Corporate Headquarters – modular (Building instructions)

USD 8.99

Parts: 3338 | Lots: 289
Width/Format: 32 studs
Approx. Height: 42.2 cm / 16.63 in
Scale: Minifig
Part usage check:


Highly scalable and truly modular building following the standards commonly used for other LEGO® modular buildings. Presenting the modern Corporate Headquarters in a 32-studs-wide format.

The step-by-step, easy-to-follow building instructions will guide you through the building process of the structure including the floor tiling, staircase and highly detailed interior on each floor.

Each floor has easily detachable rear wall for better access to the interior to support the playability without the need for removal of the upper floors. Highly detailed interior is then showing the following details, to name a few:

  • Ground floor – reception with waiting area, water dispenser, backoffice area with copy machine
  • First floor – open office with the desks and chairs, computers and LCD screens, printer, storage for office facilities, bathroom and coffee machine
  • Second floor – more office desks with chairs, another (different) printer and even the conference/meeting room with comfy office chairs, wall projector with remote control and flip chart – everything your minifigs need for a fruitful business meeting
  • Roof – air-condition units and other machinery as well as solar panels at the roof-top

The building, as shown in the pictures (Tan is the major color here), calls out for 3338 parts, including the 32×32 baseplate which the building is assembled on.

What you get with the purchase:

  • Detailed, easy-to-follow building instructions in PDF format
  • ZIP file with detailed parts lists in PDF format for each module (base with the ground floor, first floor and second floor, roof) as well as the full parts list of the complete configuration as shown in the gallery
  • ZIP file with TXT files in XML format for easy upload to your BrickLink wanted list. Same file logic as above – one XML parts list for each floor as well as the complete parts list for the full building

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