Quad-Axled Open Wagon GX02M4 (Building Instructions)

USD 1.49

Parts: 374 | Lots: 74
Approx. dimensions (cm): L24.0 x W7.0 x H6.1 cm
Approx. dimensions (in): L9.45 x W2.77 x H2.39 in
Scale: Minifig


Larger open cargo/freight wagon with four wheel pairs organized in two swiveling train-trucks. Medium walls semi-articulated on both sides. Color-scheme of this model is matching the popular official #60052 Cargo Train perfectly, but this gondola train-car can be adjusted to pretty much any colors of your choice.

The swiveling, brick-built train trucks, using the spoked wheels with Technic axle hole, provide a perfect behavior on any standard LEGO tracks. For the best possible performance however it may be a good idea to simply remove the rubber friction bands from all (non-powered) wheels.

Note: the train-tracks and the official 60052 cargo locomotive are not part of this model, those were used for the visualization purposes only

Six studs wide base with some overhang of the side walls make this wagon perfect for six-to-eight studs wide train format.

The model requires 374 parts from 74 unique lots.

The purchase includes a step-by-step, easy-to-follow building instructions sheet in PDF format, another PDF with a detailed Parts list as well as a TXT file in XML format for an easy upload to your BrickLink wanted list. To make the sourcing process even easier, there is also a TXT file suggesting possible alternate part usage with no impact to the design or functionality of the model.

And as usually – there are no physical parts included in this purchase – digitally delivered files only.

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